Digital Marketing Workshops

Jeronamo Workshops are a great way to get hands on training in digital marketing that will allow you to take your business and your online marketing efforts to the next level.

Upcoming Workshops

Beginners and advanced marketers can all learn something as we always covers whats new, foundational online marketing topics and tactical digital marketing concepts that are purely focused around promoting and driving sales for local businesses.

Facebook Ads for Beginners

In this foundational Facebook Ads workshop you will learn the basics of running a Facebook ad including the Ad Manager, targeting your audience and an overview of the different ad types and when to use each one. We will also cover which two campaigns to run together to get the most impact on a limited budget.

Define Your Target Market & Find Them on Social Media

The first step to a successful marketing campaign is to know who your audience is! Who is most likely to buy your product or service? What is important to them and what drives them to take action? In this workshop, we will walk step-by-step through defining your target market, how to find and connect with your audience online and craft messages that speak to them.

Crafting the Perfect Welcome Email Series

In this workshop we cover how to craft the perfect welcome email series that will drive brand engagement, stickiness and in turn more long term sales. We will look at what key elements to include in these first emails once a contact subscribes and why they’re key to success.

The Complete Guide to Blogging for Businesses

Blogging is not dead. In fact, having a company blog can The key to blog planning is to define the broad characteristics of your upcoming content without getting bogged down with headlines, SEO, offers and outlines. In this workshop we’ll cover how to crank out share-worthy, clickable blog content that gets you traffic and converts that traffic into sales.

How to Create a Promotional Calendar

In this workshop we are going to cover the role of a promotional calendar and walk through the 12 Step To Creating a Winning Promotional Calendar. This is a hands on course and once you are done you will have your promotional calendar set up for 2018. We will map out what to sell, when to sell it and who you are going to sell it to PLUS mapping out your revenue targets for each month, quarter, year. (You will not be required to share this information with the class.)

Introduction to Marketing Automation

It can be difficult to balance everything you need to do while also making sure your marketing is hitting the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, to successfully generate new business. That’s why we’ve seen many companies turn to marketing automation. In this workshop, we’ll cover marketing automation basics, available tools and how it can save you time and money in your local business.
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