Using Videos as Part of Your Content Marketing Mix

  • By Christine Campana
  • 06 Sep, 2016
Jeronamo Training Series: Using Videos as part of your content marketing mix

Content marketing can be a fantastic way of earning new customers, and videos are a great addition to your content marketing mix. If you haven’t heard of content marketing or don’t yet use videos, read on to learn more about how content marketing and videos can assist you with your marketing goals:

What is content marketing?

What makes content marketing different from other forms of marketing is that it provides the customer added value. Content marketers believe that delivering consistent and valuable information to customers will lead them to support and trust the company who provided them useful content. Content marketing is not selling to consumers; rather, it is informing, educating, or entertaining them in the hope that they will buy a company’s products. What is important in this type of marketing is to give customers quality content – content that they are willing to seek out, pay for, and share.

What are some examples of content marketing?

Content marketing has gained popularity and traction among marketers and companies. Marketing leaders and experts agree that it is not only the present of marketing, but also its future. You will often see content marketing online on websites and social media. Examples of content marketing methods include infographics, articles, blogs, and podcasts. Content marketing does not stop there, though.

How can videos be used as content marketing pieces?

Most people would not think of the “The Lego Movie” as a content marketing “masterpiece,” but this box office hit effectively captures and promotes the Lego brand and weaves it into a story told in a fun, awesome, and enjoyable way. It tells, but does not sell, which is what content marketing is about.

Video marketing is basically using a video to promote a product, service, or brand. When used for content marketing purposes, videos often take the form of how-to videos, training videos, online tutorials, or promotional trailers. Video marketing is steadily gaining popularity among companies and brands for a number of reasons.

Why should videos be a part of your content marketing mix?

1)   Videos are an effective way of communicating to consumers. They make use of the visual and auditory senses to present or explain concepts and ideas. This is why viewers who watch a video are more likely to retain information than those exposed to written or spoken media alone.  

2)   Videos appeal to consumers’ emotions. They make use of elements such as body language, facial expression, and music to connect and relate to viewers. Since people make decisions using their emotions, videos are a great way to access viewers’ psyches and influence them to buy a product.

3)   Videos increase sales and conversions. Studies show that online consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. The company Stacks and Stacks reports that shoppers are 144% more likely to add a product into the cart after they see its video on the product page.

4)   Videos are highly accessible. Companies can post their videos on the company website or on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. That way, videos are not only limited to desktop and laptop users, but also on-the-go consumers who access the internet through their mobile phones.

With these advantages and many more, it makes sense to add videos into your company’s content marketing mix. Volvo Truck’s “ Epic Split ” video featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, for instance, garnered 70+ million YouTube views and 8 million shares online. This epic video boosted awareness for the brand and increased its customer engagement. It is great content videos like these that show achievable success through video marketing and encourage other companies and brands to start making quality videos to promote their products.

If you have any other examples of great video marketing success stories, please share in the comments below. 

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