Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be Video Marketing in 2016

  • By Monique Morrison
  • 30 Mar, 2016
Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be Video Marketing in 2016
Have you ever thought about video marketing? Maybe you’re not sure if it makes sense for your business. Well, there are plenty of reasons it’s definitely worth a try, no matter what product or service you’re offering. Here are 10 great benefits of incorporating videos into your marketing:

1.       Allow Customers To Better Understand Your Product or Service

If you’re used to capturing the attention of your customers in person, you may think video marketing isn’t necessary. However, with at least 81% of customers doing online research before they make a purchase, an online search needs to easily reveal how your brand can help your customer. Videos will allow you to explain your product or service, and show off that smile, just like you do in person.

2.       Help Your Audience Remember You

With the online world being so full of competing messages and advertising, it’s hard for people to remember specific messages they hear or read. However, research shows that 80% of people remember video ads. So, if you want to get your audience to remember why your brand is better than the rest, show them in a video.

3.       Videos Sell Your Product For You  

Just because with the web we have access to many more prospective customers than ever before doesn’t mean we can easily convert these prospects into paying customers. However, according to data gathered by Video Brewery, about 50% of all people who view an online video go on to make a purchase from the website where they viewed it. Now, that’s a good reason to try a video!

4.       Who Doesn’t Love a Video?  

Usually when planning your online marketing strategy, you have to make sure your methods fit with your target demographic. For example, if you were catering to younger prospects, you’d want to use Instagram and Snapchat, while, if your target was women, you might use Pinterest. Videos, though, reach all demographics. So, even if you want to shift your marketing to reach a new demographic, the video will still help you connect with your new audience.

5.       Connect with Mobile Users

Did you know that mobile users actually have a longer average attention span than desktop users? It’s true. While desktop users only stick to online content, including videos, for two minutes or less, mobile users will stay with content for an average of 2.4 to 5 minutes. This means, mobile users are more likely to watch your whole video than desktop users. So, if a mobile user is actively looking for a nearby business in your industry, you can grab their attention with a video and hold it there.

6.       Earn a Higher Click-Through Rate in Emails

Videos can certainly get you more engagement, including with click-through rates; in fact, Reel SEO data demonstrates that 60% of marketers have stated that video marketing has drastically increased their conversion rates – sometimes even as much as 2 to 3 times! If you want to see a great increase like this in your email click-through rates, you don’t have to prepare something elaborate or expensive; a simple video thanking your audience and customers could do wonders for your engagement levels.

7.       Show Off That Enthusiasm

If you’re passionate about what you do, others will respond to that and want to be around you. They'll probably be more likely to buy from you as well.  However, sometimes the words on a website or pictures on your social media account just don’t reflect the amazingness that is you and your brand. A video gives you the opportunity to really demonstrate your enthusiasm, knowledge about your product, and the uniqueness of your brand. If your customers can see you on video, you don’t have to worry about your infectious passion getting lost in translation somewhere; it will be perfectly evident how much you care.

8.       Get Noticed by Google, With Very Little Effort

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is owned by the largest search engine in the world, Google, videos can certainly help you with SEO. Your videos can help your website get ranked highly for keywords in a way that you’d never be able to achieve through traditional SEO. Although marketers have known about this powerful perk for years, it’s an avenue that many aren’t yet fully exploring. If you start video marketing now, this means you’ll be ahead of the game. Just incorporate a bit of SEO into each video you create and publish, and you’ll reap some great benefits SEO-wise.

9.       Educate Customers and Earn Their Trust

Videos are a great way to produce quality content that actually interests your audience and teaches them something. Instead of just trying to sell (which, let’s be honest, no one really likes), you can use videos to demonstrate that your company is an industry leader. For example, if you owned surfboards, it would be easy to get stuck in the rut of endless product review videos. But, if you instead create how to videos about surfing, giving your audience the information they crave in a low-pressure environment will put you well on your way to becoming an industry leader, ultimately leading to increased trust and sales.

10.   Use your Face to Help Your Audience Relate

Instead of just seeing your brand as about abstract ideas, videos will help your audience connect your brand to you -- and your face. Seeing a face activates the fusiform facial area of the brain, a section of the brain which controls facial recognition and assesses trust based on recognition. When you show your face to your audience regularly, they become accustomed to it, which builds trust. If your audience trusts you and relates to you because they recognize your face, they’ll be much more likely to buy your products. Why not make your lovely face part of your next marketing campaign with a video featuring you and your smile?

Video marketing is a part of branding – it’s about presenting who you are to the world in an easily digestible and entertaining format. You can, and should, use other methods to build your brand as well, but, once you make the decision to harness the power of video marketing as part of your marketing mix, you’ll be facing a much simpler journey to success.

To see some videos we’ve produced for our clients, click here

I’d love to hear about your company’s experiences with online videos and about why you have, or have not, decided to invest in this form of online marketing. Please provide your feedback below.


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