How to do Social Media Marketing right

Generating leads and sales through social media is easy... with the right message.

We have a proven track record of producing highly engaging content that not only builds relationships with your audience but converts them into brand advocates that help grow your business through digital word or mouth. We can grow your business with social media and have the numbers to prove it.
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Too busy to take advantage of social media?

There are billions of people hanging out on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and if you want them to know about you, you not only need to be present on social media, but active. Let’s be honest, though, researching and coming up with content and producing visually appealing social images that not only makes your target market interested in what you have to say, but makes them eager to buy from you, takes a big chunk of time every single day. That’s where the content experts at Jeronamo come in. 
By leveraging Jeronamo's social knowledge you can:

Get increased leads and customers with no effort on your part required: If used optimally, social media can easily earn you leads and plenty of new customers by providing your audience the right information.
Let the experts handle everything, but you can review the schedule if you want to: Our graphics, content, and tech experts will prepare and schedule high quality posts and images to draw potential customers to your website to convert them into customers. 
Give your audience variety and quality every day, and earn their loyalty: If your customers receive the same old sales messages every day, they’re probably getting sick of seeing you in their feeds. With us, you'll have your own content expert, dedicated to finding you images, articles, quotes, and creatively written product information that will make your audience nod, smile and click to learn more. 

Featured Client Case Study

This five month campaign that ended with a 319% increase in Q4 revenue vs. Q4 2015. This is a young company that's in the health and beauty niche.

How did we accomplish this?
  • Mapping out the customer journey, buyer personas, previous sales and creating a plan
  • Consistent on-brand social posting with a multi-medium approach 
  • Targeted social ad campaigns with a focus on high quality, high converting videos 
  • Subtle and effective retargeting campaigns
As a bonus, we also built a new website that saves the client $3K per year in recurring web costs. 
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Social Media Marketing Case Study

Featured Clients

Whether you need social posting, an ad campaign deployed or both, our Content team and Paid Traffic managers will help you focus your goals into actual revenue. Want to see more? Check out our Featured Case Study below.
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Our Goal

To maximize your social media presence and create engaging content and ads that speaks to your target market in a way that will convert them into leads, repeat customers and eventually brand advocates.
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