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“I could have outsourced to India or hired a firm out of Toronto but I decided to work with the Jeronamo team. You all got to know me and my brand, you knew what I needed even when I didn’t. Your creative ability is what differentiates you from others. Plus, you work with us even during times when our budget is smaller. And really, you guys are just great people.” 
-Alistair Rasaiah, Apothecarium Pharamacy

The Challenge

Owner, Alistair Rasaiah, came to us with a vision for his brand. That included a small sketch of what he envisioned his logo to be. He was opening up an independent pharmacy so the competition was abundant in this space. He was also told that he could not brand the name Apothecarium because it was “too gothy”. His vision was to have an independent pharmacy where he could take the time to provide personalized service, an area that he wasn’t allotted in a corporate setting. This was a full brand build from the ground up including logo, website design, social media creation and maintenance, marketing plan and budget creation.

The Solution

The first task was to set out to define the brand and to create visual marketing collateral that could encompass his vision. Originally, the look he was going for leaned toward the Victorian era. I transitioned this to a 50’s era look. Classic, clean with bold colours. We also softened the name Apothecarium by using typography that was softer in look but still bold enough. Our content marketing plan included creating three starter blog posts that focused on the type of service he would provide as well as an animated video that summed up his brand in one minute. We also created a social marketing plan that spoke to the end result that customers would receive by switching over to an independent pharmacy, which is personalized service.
Average Daily 
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Super Satified Client

Building Brand Loyalty

Our focus is to make sure that Apothecarium's great service shines online like they do in-house. Here's how we help them to achieve success:
  • Website Design & Ongoing Maintenance
  • Social Media Management including commenting and replying to messages, comments and reviews
  • PPC Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design

Growing Your Business Is Our Passion.

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